VERONICA DARING (a.k.a. Hullabaloo)

Veronica is a resourceful young lady whose creativity and resolve seem to know no bounds. She takes pride in presenting herself as a lady but isn't beyond getting a little dirty. Although somewhat reserved, she's not afraid to be assertive. By day, she's a prim and proper member of society. By night, she moonlights as the goggle-wearing masked crusader known as "Hullabaloo"!


"Jules" is Veronica's Best Friend who she met flopping in the abandoned amusement park. She helps Veronica build her creations plus comes up with ideas and concepts that seem to be from a different world. She's a bit of a mystery as she has a tendency to have more of a sensibility that resembles someone from our place and time (she will not wear a bustle) plus she makes references to our pop-culture that gets lost on Veronica. She's also very interested in Mr. Daring's former plans to build a dimensional parallax time-machine.


Mr. Daring is a self-made man who helped take a small failing factory and build it into a successful company through the use of his innovative ideas and scientific mind. To help further his personal goals of discovery, he decides to build an amusement park called 'Daring Adventures' to be used as a front to explore and test out his lates ideas and contraptions.

His creed is to defend the use of technology for good and benefit of all mankind. However, this conflicts with society's ever popular inclination to use technology for selfish and even harmful gain.


J.D. Snickerbottom takes pride in considering himself to be an innovative and savvy business man; however, his efforts fail to yield anything other than providing a basic need and making mere money. He wants to be taken seriosuly by his peers however, with a name like "Snickerbottom", let's just say that the odds are stacked against him but that's not to stop him from devising a plan to steal Mr. Darings innovative ideas and claim them as his own.


The elusive Cheshire Cat is a cat burglar who is able to carry out her diabolical capers by placing her victims into a submissive trance-like state while reciting passages from Lewis Carroll's 'Alice In Wonderland'. While under her spell, the subject experiences horrific nightmarish visions and, if not awakened in time, will cause them irreparable brain damage leaving them a babbling vegetable for the rest of their life.

She also has the power of invisibility to evade her would-be captors.


Episode 1: The Great Race

10 years after Veronica Daring and her father design the first hybrid Steam/combustion engine vehicle of its kind, Veronica challenges her Dieselpunk friend to a race that takes them through epic, winding canyons and below ground into illuminated caverns. How far will each of them go to win and at what cost?

Episode 2: Curse of The Cheshire Cat

There has been a rash of burglaries in the city and Veronica's alter ego, Hullabaloo, is called upon to investigate. Through deduction and her intuitive sense, she is able to track down and encounters the elusive Cheshire Cat who puts Veronica under her spell! Can she possibly survive?

Episode 3: The Mysterious Island

J.D. Snickerbottom claims to have pin-pointed the whereabouts of Veronica's father and convinces her, against her better judgment, to come along on the voyage. During an anomly of a storm they are marooned on a tropical island inhabited with fantastic mechanical creatures. Who is behind these creations and who will get off the island alive?

The World

The World of Hullabaloo takes place in a parallel universe in which our technological advances, past customs and culture cross paths and are offset by about 100 years.

It is a world on the shift between use of steam power and electrical power with electro-plated dirigibles and hybrid steam-powered/combustion engine "motorized carriages".

The Story

The story centers around a young woman named Veronica Daring who is the daughter of an innovative and highly regarded engineer and scientist. She returns from an elite finishing school to find that the world she expected to come home to is nothing like she expected.

Her father, Mr. Jonathan Daring, is nowhere to be found and all that is left behind for her is their family home and an abandoned and dilapidated amusement park called 'Daring Adventures' that Mr. Daring built as a front to test out his latest ideas and contraptions.

Veronica finds that a young woman is flopping in her father's abandoned theme park. Her name is "Jules" and she is quite a peculiar sort as her "social graces" are carried out in a very different manner than what Veronica is accustomed to, or even what anyone is accustomed to. She mentions things that have no point-of-reference or even seem to exist but yet she also seems to be very well educated. When asked where she comes from, Jules conveniently dodges the question. Regardless, Veronica is intrigued by her and accepts her living on the premises and they quickly become good friends.

Despite her father's coveted discoveries, there are those who have fashioned lofty inventions of their own and use it for adverse personal gain and personify themselves as super-villain types.

She wants to make a difference but is left without trusted guidance or direction.

Veronica is determined to match wits with these evil sorts and finds inspiration in her father's creed that the use of technology should be for good and the benefit of all mankind. With the help of her new friend, Jules and her brash sense of being, Veronica is able to step-up her game by inventing an alter-ego.

By day, she's a conservative socialite. By night, she's the frolicking, goggled-crusader known as "Hullabaloo"!

Through her heroic escapades, she eventually learns of the events that may have contributed to her father's disappearance.

It is discovered that her father was on the brink of developing a new, alternative source of immense power that has the potential to change their world. She sets out on an expedition that pits her against ruthless airship pirates and even takes her to a remote island inhabited by a wild array of magnificent mechanized animals, all in an effort to find Mr. Daring before his ultimate secret falls into the wrong hands!